Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Auckland

Regain strength and confidence in your body

  • Understand where your body's at and how we can improve it
  • Have a treatment programme designed specifically for you
  • Be supported by professional pelvic physiotherapists
  • ACC funding available
Free 15 minute phone consultations are available.
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Live comfortably and be more active.

Pregnancy, childbirth, and just being a mother places an enormous amount of pressure on your body. The pelvis especially comes under a lot of strain, and often the pain, discomfort and lack of confidence in our body means we find it hard to live comfortably and get back into being active. A pelvic physiotherapy programme can help overcome these challenges.

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Don’t just put up with it.

Back pain, leakage, and pelvic pain are all very common and, thankfully, very treatable. But what’s not normal is having to wait or live with it as a side effect of having children. We can work with you to do something about this and give you your body confidence back.

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Prepare for your birth.

It’s not just about fixing issues after birth; we can work with you before and during your pregnancy to help retain your pelvic health and reduce the risk of pelvic complications.

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What does it cost?


  • Initial Consultation - $150
  • Follow-up Consultation - $125


  • Initial Consultation - $100
  • Follow-up Consultation - $75

ACC funding is available in some circumstances

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How our clinic works

There is no cookie-cutter approach to pelvic healthcare, so we don’t deliver one.

1.  Assessment

You’ll come in for an initial consultation with one of the team where we will discuss any issues you are having, conduct a thorough assessment of your body, and discuss your goals and what you’d like to achieve. After this session, many patients tell us they feel empowered and far more knowledgeable about their issues.

2. Programme Design

Next, your physiotherapist will develop a programme specifically for you, taking into consideration your diagnosis and goals.

3. Rehabilitation

Now, it’s time to get into the treatment. We will spend time with you to explain exactly what the plan is and how it will help. Your programme could include some in person consultations, gym sessions (we have an onsite gym you can use), as well as exercises for home.

4. Guidance and Support

You won’t be on your own; your physiotherapist will be there along the way to support and guide you through the programme, giving feedback, assessing progress and making adjustments if needed.

Place your trust in professionals

There are many services out there offering pelvic floor treatments and hundreds of online tutorials, but nothing that can compare to being correctly diagnosed and having a personalised treatment programme designed and managed by a physio specially trained in pelvic health.

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