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If you have been diagnosed with a pelvic health issue (like pelvic, back or coccyx pain, incontinence, or prolapse), or suspect you may be suffering, please get in touch for an initial consultation.

Pelvic pain

You may be feeling pain around front of the pelvis and potentially the coccyx and pubic area. This type of pain may be felt from time to time or be more long lasting and persistent.

This is all very common, and while there is no single reason for pelvic pain, with an accurate diagnosis we can treat this very effectively.

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Back pain

Back pain is a common side effect of poor pelvic health and an issue that regularly arises during and post pregnancy.

By looking at how your pelvic health is tied to your back we can often find treatment that is effective at not only regaining strength but lessening the pain and discomfort of a bad back.

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Coccyx pain

Felt right at the bottom of your spine; this pain is usually a dull ache (although it can appear sharp) and can mean sitting and standing are difficult and uncomfortable.

Women often also have associated other pains in their back and legs. The good news is the pain should pass over time, and with treatment can be managed and the pain reduced.

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Are you struggling to hold on or leaking when you sneeze, cough or exercise? Maybe you feel sudden urges to go to the toilet.

While this can be embarrassing and leave you with a lack of confidence in your body, in most cases, we can help build your confidence back up and treat your issue.

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Did you know that 30 – 40% of women suffer a prolapse over their lifetime? This is when one of our pelvic organs descends due to our pelvic muscles being unable to hold it in place.

Common symptoms include a dragging or heavy feeling, incontinence, pelvic and back pain. With a thorough diagnosis, physiotherapy can be an effective treatment, and if necessary our team can provide a referral to a gynaecologist for further treatment

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Place your trust in professionals

There are many services out there offering pelvic floor treatments and hundreds of online tutorials, but nothing that can compare to being correctly diagnosed and having a personalised treatment programme designed and managed by a physio specially trained in pelvic health.

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